Call for Papers November 2016

Mapping China, Germany’s First Student Network on Chinese Studies & Political Science, is pleased to announce its Call for Papers on:

Maturing Relations between China and Africa: What’s special in the “special relationship”?

China’s rising direct investments in African states have been widely recognized and are being discussed in both academia and popular debate. Initial images of China as an exploitative power that only seeks to extract natural resources have given way to more nuanced analyses that seek to debunk some of the myths surrounding China’s engagement with African states. With maturing relations between African states and China new questions for research arise. Does China follow an overall Africa policy strategy or does China’s Africa policy differ regionally or between African states? Does China offer an alternative development model for African states? Is China exporting the “China model” of non-democratic capitalism? Are we truly witnessing a “special relationship” with win-win situations on all sides or do African states and their populations gain little from their partnership with China? What norms and interests govern China’s Africa policy?

This call for papers wants to take a student-led look at the maturing and deepening relation between China and African states.

Mapping China is especially interested to publish papers which:

  • Reinsert agency for African states into their analysis
  • Account for China and African states as non-unitary actors
  • Analyse differences in China’s approach and Western approaches in their Africa policy regarding their norms and interests

This Call for Papers is explicitly aimed at those Bachelor and Master students (and all interested PhD students in their early stages of their dissertation) with an interdisciplinary background in Area Studies, Political and Social Science or in International Relations who have been working on or want to work on China and who are looking to publish their first research for a wider audience.

All accepted and reviewed papers and all author’s short bios will be published on Mapping China’s website. Exceptional essays and research papers will be published in the Mapping China Journal which will be launched in October 2017. Students can choose to either submit an essay (2500 to 3000 words) or a full research paper (6000 to 8000 words). Papers in both English and German will be accepted.

Interested participants are invited to submit an abstract in English or German (max. 250 words) of their paper to the organisers at Mapping China ( until 08 December 2016. Participants should indicate whether they intend to publish a short essay or a research paper. The results of the selection process will be communicated by mid-December 2016. Finished short essays and research papers will be published online in the category “China in Africa”.

For further information, including Mapping China’s preferred citation style, kindly visit the website at or write an email to contact the organisers directly.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

Aya Adachi, Tatjana Romig and Julia Tatrai

Mapping China Directors





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