Welcome to the submission page of Mapping China.  Before handing in your full work we ask you to hand in a short abstract (up to 300 words) of the work you intend to publish. We will get in touch with you within a week to ask you to hand in your full text if the abstract fits the criteria outlined in the submission guidelines. Do shoot us a text if you hear nothing from us within a week – some emails get lost.

You can either submit an abstract for a journal article, a working paper or a feature for the homepage by ticking one of the boxes. Kindly make only one upload at the time.

Kindly refer to the Submission Guidelines for the Mapping China Journal, the Submission Guidelines for Working Paper Series or the Submission Guidelines for Features respectively and the MCJ Statement of Publication Ethics before handing in any work. For citation, refer to this Harvard Style citation guide by Imperial College London.

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