The Network

Mapping China is currently being founded as a registered association (gemeinnütziger Verein in German). Once the process is complete interested students can become official members of our network – meaning they will be able to attend our yearly member’s conferences where we decide about the future direction of Mapping China and can directly financially support Mapping China with a small yearly fee. They will also receive other benefits which will be published once the registration is complete.

As a network, Mapping China is directly dependable upon the interest and engagement of its members. Whoever wants to work with us does not have to become an official member – all we are looking for is a passion for helping to build up a start-up, an interest in Chinese politics and the ability to work well with a team using mostly modern communication tools. We’ve organized our work in three teams – the Mapping China Journal Team, the Think Tank Team and the Network Team, which can be joined at any time here.

Last but not least, whoever is simply interested in taking advantage of the network can sign up for our mailing-list or join our get-togethers in Berlin or Heidelberg where we discuss anything from Chinese food to politics.