About Mapping China


is a student network and e.V. (i. Gr.) (a German type of NGO) dedicated to a political science based analysis of contemporary China. We are the first network in Germany with the purpose of connecting students of Modern China from different universities in Germany and beyond. We are also the first student think tank to offer students a publication platform for their own academic work specifically on China in order to engage in an academic discussion within a wider audience early on in their academic career. Kindly note that Mapping China published work in both German and English and does not translate any original work.


The think tank work of Mapping China is organized in working papers, features, interviews and information on China Studies (mostly in German). Mapping China analyzes different aspects of politics in currently six analytic categories – China is therefore analyzed from different perspectives, both domestic and international from students for students in the Working Paper Series. In our Features sections students analyze current news and give their opinions about trends and developments surrounding China. Our interviews discuss different aspects of people working with or living in China. Additionally, audiences can inform themselves about a political science degree in Germany with a focus on China and read tips and tricks about succeeding at university. Information on submissions of features or working papers can be found here.


In October 2017 the first Mapping China Journal (MCJ) will be published with a focus on integration and disintegration processes linked to China’s engagement in three world regions: Asia-Pacific, Africa and the EU. Disintegration and integration processes will be discussed by students from all over the world wishing to engage in scholarly discussions about China. The MCJ is the first student-run journal on a political science analysis of contemporary China. Call for Papers are currently closed. Further information on the MCJ can be found here. Submission information for the MC Journal can be found here.


The Mapping China network wants to connect students from all over the world who are interested in a political science based analysis of Modern China. Students can sign up for our mailing list, take part in our get-togethers or attend any of our upcoming seminars and events. Additionally, students will soon be able to become official members of the Mapping China network and can thereby directly support our work and attend our yearly general assembly where we discuss the future direction of Mapping China.


Based in Berlin/Germany Mapping China is based on a voluntary engagement of students from all around the world who want to play an active part in further developing the network. Interested students can decide to become a part of our think tank, journal or network teams. More information can be found here. Kindly note that Mapping China does not offer internships at the moment.

Mapping China e.V. is always happy to hear from you to talk about new ideas for publications or how you can contribute to the network – simply contact us at info@mappingchina.org.

Your Mapping China e.V. Directors
Aya, Julia and Tatjana