Work with us

Mapping China e.V. is only possible because of the dedication of its members and supporters – we would be happy to have you join our team!

Anyone interested in working with us can decide one (or more) of the following three teams:

  1. The Think Tank Team
    Working with the think tank team includes acquisition of new authors intending to publish in any of the categories of the think tank, preparation and conduct of interviews, proof-reading of any papers handed in as well as researching relevant information for Mapping Studies. Interested students should be well versed in current China Studies trends, have an in-depth knowledge about Chinese politics and should be interested in finding new and original thematic topics or interview partners. Experts in any of the current thematic focus groups are especially welcome!
  2. The Mapping China Journal Team
    Working with Mapping China Journal team allows interested students to gain in-depth and first-hand experience in publishing an academic journal. Duties include cooperating with the authors, proof-reading, in-depth academic discussions on submitted papers, layout and graphic design as well as coordinating the reviewers and incorporating their improvements to the text. Interested students should be experts in the thematic focus of the MCJ issues, have a keen eye for any factual or grammatical errors and should not despair when working on the same text for months. Kindly note that it is impossible to submit papers for the journal while being a part of the MCJ team.
  3. The Network Team
    Working with the Network team means – networking. Duties include acquisition of new partners, the attending of conferences or events of MC partners, preparing Mapping China events or seminars as well as fundraising activities. Interested students should know the academic China studies landscape well, have some experience with fundraising or project management and should have innovative ideas for event formats.

Anyone interested in working with Mapping China can fill out the following contact form or can directly write to us at

I am interested in joining the following team(s):

The heads of the relevant team will contact you within a week after receiving your mail to discuss the way forward. If you do not hear anything from us within a week kindly do shoot us a text – some mail gets lost!