The Mapping China Journal is student run journal that publishes academic work of students, recent graduates and PhD students in early stages of their career. The focus is on analyzing China – both domestic and international politics – from a political science perspective.

While the first MCJ in 2017 is created from scratch from students for students – the chief Editors of the Journal are students and recent graduates as well – the journal process is assisted by an experienced Editorial Advisory Board that guarantees high quality of content. The MCJ is an addition to China-specific journals in Germany as well as to student-run journals all over the world. The goal of the MCJ is not only to have students engage early on in academic discussion on China but also to provide a platform for publishing their work.

You can read details about the 2017 MC Journal, have a look at our submission guidelines or statement of publication ethics and refer to our Harvard Style Citation guide or read our former Call for Papers.

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