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Call for Essays on the “Belt and Road Initiative” May 2017

Mapping China, Germany’s First Student Network on Chinese Studies & Political Science, is pleased to announce its final call for the upcoming Mapping China Journal (MCJ) in October 2017. The MCJ exclusively publishes work of current students, recent graduates or PhD students in the early stages of their career. The 2017 MCJ is taking a political science perspective looking at processes of integration and disintegration in three regions of the world with which China has extensive political and economic ties: Africa, the EU and Asia.

The MCJ is looking to publish 3-page short essays on the „Belt and Road Initiative“ or “One Belt One Road” (OBOR).

OBOR has attracted scholarly and public attention as China’s most visible and prolific integration project to date. The impact of a full implementation of OBOR is hotly debated. Most experts agree that OBOR has the potential to significantly impact our future if it can reach its full potential, but its funding, scope and results remain uncertain MCJ is looking to publish 3-page opinion pieces on how OBOR has been impacting or will impact the world that we know and live in with a focus on the three regions discussed in the 2017 MCJ – Africa, the EU and Asia. How can those regions engage with China through OBOR? What implications does OBOR have for Africa, the EU or Asia respectively with regards to politics, trade, labour, migration or law? Can we foresee any patterns or changes to our current social fabric that will be felt and experienced in any or all of these regions?

Authors are free to chose one region or sub-region (e.g. East Africa, South East Asia) – within the transcontinental  / meta-regional project/ initiative if they prefer. Essays should focus on the region chosen but can include a short paragraph that links all three or two of the focus regions to each other. Topics of discussion should be chosen broadly but can also be specific if their arguments have a wider relevance for the discussion on OBOR. The mini- and maximum page count is three full pages (Times New Roman, size 12, spaced 1.5). Authors should also hand-in a short abstract of the essay and a short (one paragraph) author’s bio on a single cover page. Essays in both English and German will be accepted. Essays should be submitted to the Editorial Board at until 22nd May 2017.

For further information, including Mapping China’s preferred citation style, visit the website at or write an email to contact the directors directly.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

Aya Adachi, Tatjana Romig and Julia Tatrai

Mapping China Directors




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