Firoze Manji on China – Africa Relations

Firoze Manji gave Mapping China an interview on May 4th on the state of China – Africa Relations. Firoze’s book “African Perspectives on China in Africa” is part of our upcoming top book picks on China in Africa. The interview with Firoze is the kick-off of a new series focusing on different resources on Sino-African relations. It will comprise references to academic literature as well as blogs, video-documentaries and much more. The contributions to this series will be posted over the coming weeks. We would like to thank Firoze for the series a truly interesting start!

Firoze is a Kenyan-born activist and author who is working on social justice in Africa. He not only has extensive knowledge on Chinese-African relations but also on health, social policy, human rights and political sciences.

You can watch the video below or on youtube!

01:10 Why did you become interested in Sino-African relations?

04:20 How is China related to issues of social justice in Africa?

07:15 What was particularly important in editing your books on Sino-African relations?

09:00 What has changed in terms of “African agency” in the relationship with China since your books were published ten years ago?

13:50 How well do African civil society actors understand China? How well do Chinese living in Africa understand Africa?

17:30 Why do we not see much African scholarship on Sino-African relations?

20:15 Where do we have to search to find African voices on the topic?

21:30 Are the Chinese “exporting” an “unfree media model” to Africa?

25:06 In the public discussion of Sino-African relations, “Africa” is often treated as if it was one country, “China” as one monolithic block: What is missed this way?

30:45 Politically, is there such a thing as a “Chinese model” that is being exported to Africa?

34:52 What do you think about the Western claim that China is “exploiting Africa”?

The interview was conducted by Julia Tatrai.

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