Mapping China Journal No. 1

Mapping China Journal Number 1 / 2017

Mapping China’s International Relations: Processes of Integration and Disintegration in the 21st Century

Read the full Mapping China Journal Number 1 here.

Individual Chapters:

Read the Editors’ Note and Introduction here.

Read “An Offer Too Good to Refuse” by Nicola Hoochhausen here.

Read “Converging and Diverging Ideological Narratives from China and the EU” by Sam Maxwell Smith here.

Read “China’s Role Conception and Foreign Policy Role in Economic
Integration Processes in the Asia-Pacific” by Kim Vender here.

Read “Between the “China Threat” and “win-win cooperation” among “all-weather friends”: African perspectives on China in Africa” by Julia Breuer here.

Read “Chinesische Medien in Afrika: Zur Darstellung der sino-afrikanischen Beziehungen im Programm von CCTV (heute CGTN) Africa” by Philipp Hertling here.

Read “Implications of the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ for the EU and Call for Engagement” by Barbara Pongratz here.

Read “Sino-European cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative:
insights from the Chinese investment in Poland” by Paulina Kanarek here.

Read “Belt and Road Initiative: China’s Rising Impact on Socio-Spatiality in European Cities” by Laura Henneke here.


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