Teamblog Meeting 5

Mapping China Teamblog #5

In the middle of September, we met for a week in Berlin to discuss Mapping China’s end of year projects, plan ahead, eat a lot of Chinese food and drink some bubble tea.

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Journal 2017

Bad news first: Delays in handing in journal essays and papers as well as a belated start of the copy-editing process from our side means that the journal will not be published in October as originally anticipated. The good news is that the journal will feature a lot more articles than we originally thought due to the high interest of students writing about China! We are aiming for middle or end of November – keep your fingers crossed that we make that deadline as we have a lot of exciting essays and papers coming up in the journal! As of now, the journal will be published as an eco-friendly digital version only. Also, to give credit to a more inclusive and just academic world by making more use of open-access academic work, we have decided to license our journal under a creative common license 4.0. As for publishing the journal, we plan on publishing a sneak peek article sometime in October with all of the journal following in November after which we will introduce one article after another every week.

Becoming a “Verein” (= German charitable organization)

We are still working on that one – there are some delays we had to deal with regarding the tax office but we hope that everyone who wants to support our work can become an official Mapping China member (with student-friendly yearly fees of course!) very soon. And we are working on a super-awesome welcome gift for any new members 😉

Plans for 2018

As Mapping China grows and evolves we have some changes coming up in the year of 2018 that we plan to announce in due time! As of now, all we want to say is that we plan another Journal with a gender focus for 2018 and if all goes well, we also plan our very first Mapping China event in the first half of 2018. You can also expect some changes for the think tank, but that is a secret for now 😉


We are happy to welcome HeroBakery and Global China Research as new partners. Check out our partner page to read more about them!

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That is all for now but we will be back introducing our very youngest and adorable Mapping China member in a few weeks 🙂


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