Resource Special: The 19th Party Congress of the Communist Party of China

by Tatjana Romig

Today’s kick-off of the CPC’s 19th party congress is a milestone for the future direction of Chinese politics. Thus, China watchers around the world closely track potential developments and outcomes. To help you fill in any knowledge gaps and keep you informed throughout the party congress, Mapping China collected its favourite sources and analyses covering topics linked to the party congress from the election of delegates to the position of Xi Jinping himself.

Media Coverage

Since the beginning of 2017 the 19th party congress received coverage in Chinese and international media with a new high since the beginning of October. The following news outlets offer special sections made up of a variety of articles on the party congress, e.g. the process of the election of the delegates, Xi Jinping’s position and plans, possible successors etc. Consuming different media outlets, especially Chinese and international ones, allows to gather a more differentiated picture. We recommend the following:

SCMP: China’s Leadership Reshuffle 2017
The South China Morning Post offers a special on China’s leadership reshuffle in 2017 with a focus on Xi Jinping’s agenda, rising stars, coverage on ongoing appointments and various opinion pieces.

The Diplomat: 19th Party Congress
The Diplomat offers a category for the 19th Party Congress collecting various articles with different points of view. The articles e.g. cover the creation of ideology, leadership succession, internet policies and the question of possible changes to the party’s constitution.

Xinhua: 19th CPC National Congress
Xinhua has a special linked to the 19th party congress that offers a lot: from commentaries to official documents or even video material – you will find every kind of information you need.

Think Tanks

If you are looking for a deeper analysis and experts’ opinions, the following series and papers by established Think Tanks covering the developments linked to the party congress might be your first choice. Moreover, these analyses offer condensed information, in case you want to catch up with the preceding steps that happened throughout the last year.

Brookings: Looking Ahead to the 19th Party Congress
Brookings Institution offers a series titled “Looking Ahead to the 19th Party Congress” that aims at analysing China’s socio-political and economic landscape in the run-up to the party congress and discusses implications for US-Sino relations.

MERICS: 19th Party Congress
The Mercator Institute for China Studies based in Berlin is also tracking the developments in the forerun of the party congress and its potential outcomes. For example, in the MERICS China Monitor No. 41 it is argued that the party congress will boost strongman politics.

Hoover Institution’s China Leadership Monitor
Although the China Leadership Monitor does not offer a special series dedicated to the Party Congress, its reports and analysis are among the best when it comes to Chinese leadership politics. As a foundation, we recommend Alice Miller’s “The road to the 19th Party Congress”, while the current edition includes papers on Xi’s influence on the party’s guiding ideology and domestic policy trajectories.


In case you prefer podcasts, this China Power conversation with Joseph Fewsmith “Xi Jinping and the 19th Party Congress” is a good choice.

What are your recommendations for resources linked to the 19th party congress? We are looking forward to your suggestions 🙂

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