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Launch Of The Mapping China Journal No 2

After months of hard work the second volume of the Mapping China Journal is online just in time to have a quiet read over the holidays.

We want to thank all contributors spending hours proofreading, fact-checking and layouting, as well as the authors willing to publish their work. Without you the Mapping China Journal would not be possible!




We wish all our readers happy holidays!


The Contents

1 – How China Has Adopted a Reactive Censorship Model for the Internet Age (Daniel Rechtschaffen)
2 – A Globalised Westphalia? Categorising Chinese statehood (Frederik König and Paul Naudascher)
3 – The Virtual Panopticon in China: Surveillance through the Securitisation of the Internet (Xiaoxue Jiang Martin)
4 – The Social Credit System And China’s Rule Of Law (Marianne von Blomberg)
5 – Xi Jinping’s passive revolution (Miquel Vila)
6 – Censoring Pornography: The Role of Sexual Media in the Fight for Freedom of Expression in the PRC (Fanny Prouté)


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